The TIES Vision

Yvette and Kit Perry started TIES because they had a vision for what a great education and a great school should look like. Everything we do at TIES is based on that core vision.

We believe at TIES that great education is a result of placing students at the centre of teaching and learning. We believe that engaging students in developing the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to be successful is the cornerstone to our vision. We are constantly focusing on innovating and creating a learning environment that is unique and which affords our students the best possible outcomes.

We believe in saying no to hundreds of students studying at our school, so we can really focus on a select few, so we can truly make a significant and meaningful difference in their lives. We do not believe in a model of education which commodifies each student, and treats them simply as another number. We believe it is important to understand the needs, interests and motivation of each and every student who chooses to study at TIES, and to do our best to accommodate them. We believe that we should be a yardstick of excellence and to expect only the best from our teachers. We believe that this is achievable through our Boutique operating model. We don’t aim to be the biggest, but we do aim to be the best.

We believe in...

  • A Boutique Learning Environment
  • Student Centred Education
  • Innovation in Learning
  • Excellence in Teaching
  • Providing a Unique Study Experience


We pride ourselves on the diverse and eclectic mix of students who choose to study at TIES

Years Running

TIES is well-established and has been running for the past seven years

Happy Students

Over 800 students from all corners of the globe have chosen to study at TIES.

Awesome Teachers

We have three incredible core teachers at TIES, who strive for excellence in their teaching.

100% Unique

100% Boutique