General Intensive English
(CRICOS Code: 03378G)

*Please note that this course is available to Student Visa Holders as their main course

20 hours of classroom instruction + 2 hours of self access each week. The course runs from 1-54 weeks in length for Student Visa Holders, 1-17 weeks for Working Holiday Visa Holders, and 1-12 weeks for Tourist Visa Holders.

Full-time General English11 weeks$300/week + $250 Enrolment fee ($3550 in total for 11 weeks)


9:00-11:00Course book related work including all macro-skillsCourse book related work including all macro-skillsCourse book related work including all macro-skillsCourse book related work including all macro-skills
11:00-11:30Morning TeaMorning TeaMorning TeaMorning Tea
11:30-13:00Focus on
Focus on
Focus on
Focus on
14:00-16:00Course book related work including all macro-skills.Course book related work including all macro-skills. Course book related work including all macro-skills.Self access and study groups.

General English

General English prepares students so that they can use English to communicate more fluently and with confidence and accuracy in social, personal, work, study or travel contexts. The TIES General English Course has been designed for students from a range of English language proficiency levels and with a diverse range of personal language objectives. All students are encouraged and supported in developing their English language proficiency at TIES so that they leave TIES more effective communicators in English and are better prepared to make choices for their future. Students are tested on arrival to ascertain the most appropriate level of entry into the course from Beginner/Elementary to Advanced. Students may also begin on any Tuesday during school terms and study at TIES from five weeks to fifty weeks.

General English is a sequential and developmental set of courses designed to develop students' communication skills and fluency in:

General English

Our General English Course covers all four macro skills equally and focuses on Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation.

We also have a unique course structure which centres around four days per week. The course has twenty hours of intensive face-to-face teaching + 2 hours self access per week (9am-4pm Tuesday through to Friday).

TIES aims to maintain an average of ten students to a maximum of fifteen students per class to further support students in the achievement of their language learning goals. We see ourselves as a Boutique Language School, which is central to our vision at TIES.  Read more

Student Testimonials

This is what our students have to say about us



My name is Etsuko Shimoyama, and I am from Tokyo - Japan. I studied at TIES in 2008 and had an amazing time. My English improved so much during my time at TIES, and I had a wonderful time. TIES is a very unique school which has a friendly and kind atmosphere. I met people from completely different backgrounds from all over the world, and formed some amazing friendships. Yvette and Kit are amazing teachers! My daughter also studied at TIES, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. If you would like to ask me a question about studying at TIES, I am very happy to write back.

TIES is the best language school... High quality courses and the teachers answered all of my questions... Very passionate teachers.



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